Hello, I'm Vicky

This is me! I am a self-taught full-stack developer. I've taken online courses, and I regularly attend local meetups and seminars to help develop and hone my technical abilities. This portfolio serves to display the projects that I have completed throughout my journey.

My web development journey began years ago in the days of Geocities. Back in middle and high school, I built personal websites, fan pages, and even offered freeware templates and designs. In college, I earned a degree in mathematics and economics.

When I'm not coding, you can probably find me posting pictures of my dog and my cat or putting together a costume for local conventions.

Technical Experience

Ruby on Rails, Angular, SQL, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, NodeJS, PHP, MongoDB, Bootstrap, Semantic UI, Jasmine
Git, SalesForce, Wordpress, Asana, Adobe Photoshop